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1. What is Applied Hi-Performance Products (AHPP)?
Applied Hi-Performance Products markets a premium line of lubricants, additives and aftermarket products to the racing, automotive, agricultural, industrial and powersports markets. AHPP is a Midwest Distributor for the Energy Release product line manufactured by Hi-Gear Products, Inc.
2. When was AHPP established?
Owner, Noel Schanilec, comes with over 38 years of working experience in all forms of professional racing, motorsports marketing, product marketing, finance and working on the family farm. AHPP was established in 2009.
3. What products do you supply?
AHPP distributes the Energy Release product line. The Energy Release (ER) product line consists of an antifriction metal conditioner (ER), engine treatment, fuel additives, lubricants, greases, metal working fluids and a dirt & mud release called MuddOFF.
4. What industries do you sell too?
AHPP sells its products to the automotive aftermarket, agricultural, trucking, industrial, racing and powersports industries.
5. Will you be adding new products to your existing line?
Yes. AHPP has set a high standard for the products we sell. We are always looking for companies to partner with that manufacture extraordinary products.
6. When was Energy Release (ER) Developed?
Energy Release has been tested and proven since 1985; you will see documentation throughout our website dated over three decades.