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Gravel artical manager 400 x 265 tall knoxville 8 11 17                                                                                                                                                    David Gravel #5 Perfect on Toyota Night #2 at Knoxville Nationals!

Knoxville, Iowa (August 10, 2017) - David Gravel #5 swept Toyota Night #2 at the 57th Annual 5-hour Energy Knoxville Raceway. After setting quick time, the Watertown, Connecticut native won his heat and the feature after starting eighth in both events aboard the CJB Motorsports #5. It was the first time for a perfect 500-point score since Steve Kinser did it in 1992. The win was Gravel's second in his career at Knoxville, paid him $12,000 and set him up on the pole of Saturday night's $150,000 to win championship event. WATCH RACE:

Sprint car veteran Barry Jackson oversees the #5 sprint car operation. Jackson is a long-time user of the Energy Release family of products. "We use Energy Release products because they work," said Jackson. "We use ER in our racing engines, rear end and power steering." Barry believes in the ER family of products and the benefits they provide to make his racing equipment the best that it can be. CJB Motorsports also uses the NANOX family of newly formulated appearance products. The NANOX line provides solutions for the preparation,     protection and interior care of their transporter and race team support vehicles.  Working on a molecular level, each formula bonds to the surface to clean, protect and repel dirt. Exterior products are safe to use on clear coat, metallic finishes, trim, aluminum and chrome.

David Gravel #5 | CJB Motorsports

DAVID GRAVEL HOME 400 x 265 tall    

Bunke Racing - Polaris

IMG 9978 website editedCELEBRATING 22 YEARS

Energy Release Racing Announces Continued Partnership with Bunke Racing 

LEOMINSTER, MA. (Decembver 23, 2016) - Energy Release, LLC is excited to announce a continued partnership with Bunke Racing for 2017. Sponsors in motorsports come and go, but Energy Release (ER) and Bunke Racing have been together for 22's an awesome partnership! 

Drivers Gabe and Taylor Bunke will team-up again to compete in the United States X-Country snowmoible racing series. "We are proud to continue a longstanding partnershop with Bunke Racing. We can't wait to see the milestones Bunke Racing reaches next." said Noel Schanilec, Energy Release Racing Consultant and owner of Applied Hi-Performance Products. "Through Bunke Racing, we continue to bring the Energy Release brand to life and tell the ER story in a way that resonates with passionate racing fans." 

Thanks to a team centered philosopy and a drive for continuous innovation, Energy Release/Bunking Racing has crossed many finish lines together over the years. Oh, and don't forget about the team's 7 career Soo I-500 victories. Bunke Racing team #74 piloted by Gabe Bunke, Aaron Christensen and Taylor Bunke took the checkered flag at the 2017 Soo I-500 in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. 

IMG 2332 Custom websiteFollowing in the ski tracks of his Snowmobile Racing Hall of Fame father, Jerry Bunke, Gabe has achieved success in every form of racing he has attempted over a 27-year racing career. Gabe has made the history books with his 2002, 2005, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2017 Soo I-500 wins. Taylor Bunke won the 2016 USXC Semi-Pro Factory Stock 600 class points championship. Taylor is a third generation racer...he has been working hard and has proved himself to be a force to be reckoned with. 

Gabe truly believes in the Energy Release Family of products and the benefits they provide to make his equipment the best that it can be. Gabe's race sleds are treated with Energy Release products which include: engine, bearings, chain case, suspension componets and more. Gabe's sled are well-oild machines

We look forward to continuing our successful relationship with Bunke Racing. 


SAULT STE. MARIE, MICHIGAN (February 4, 2017) - Back-to-Back wins again for the #74 Bunke Racing Team. 
Soo I 500 2017 Victory 375 x 250

For the second year in a row, the strong #74 Bunking Racing Team goes to victory lane in one of the most prestigious snowmobile races in the world...The 49th Annual International 500 Snowmobile Race in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. The patriarch of Bunke Racing, Gabe Bunke, Moorhead,Minnesota, recorded his seventh Soo I-500 Win of his career and fifth in the last six years. His teammate, Aaron Christensen, the 36-year-old from Metiskow, Alberta, has scored his fifth Soo I-500 Win of his career and also his fifth in the last six years. Finally for the youngest member of the team, 21-year-old Taylor Bunke, it was the second win in two career starts for the Moorhead, Minnesota rider.  

Congratulations Team #74...We're Privilaged to Sponsor Bunke Racing!

Congratulations Gabe and Team on winning the 2016 Soo I-500. Bunke Racing team #74 piloted by Gabe Bunke, Aaron Christensen and Taylor Bunke take the checkerd flag at the Soo I-500, Sault Sainte. Marie, Michigan. We would also like to congratulate Taylor Bunke (Gabe's son) for winning the 2016 USXC Semi-Pro Factory Stock 600 class points championship. 

Jeremy Houle Racing

jeremy houleApplied Hi-Performance Products/Energy Release, sponsored Jeremy Houle Racing for the 2014 Dirt Track racing season. JHR's primary focus was in the full United States Modified Touring Series (USMTS) Casey's Cup Northern Region schedule. That series included 14 races in Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota. On top of that JHR also attended weekly shows at their local NASCAR Home track (Cedar Lake Speedway) and a few Wissota racing events when USMTS events were not in the JHL region. The Houle family owns a successful high performance business called Speedwerx. For 20 years Speedwerx has been setting the standard in Snowmobile and ATV/UTV performance

The Houle family started using Energy Release products in their racing applications in 1994. Applied Hi-Performance Products (AHPP) owner, Noel Schanilec, introduced the product line to Steve Houle at a snowmobile race in Pine Lake, MN. Noel worked for ER for 7 years while attending the University of North Dakota...he has over 22 years of experience working with the Energy Release product line. Noel is currently an Energy Release Racing Consultant and a Regional Distributor for the Energy Release product line.

Pictured here are Jeremy Houle and Noel Schanilec in the Energy Release booth at the AAPEX show in Las Vegas. Check out this cool Energy Release video segment that aired on Sledhead 24-7 with host Jeremy Houle at Speedwerx Sleadhead 24-7 is seen in over 93 million homes.




Welcome! My name is Noel Schanilec. I am the owner / manager of Applied Hi-Performance Products (AHPP). We are headquartered in Grand Forks, ND in the heart of the Red River Valley, known for its fertile farm land. Applied High Performance distributes a Premium Line of Lubricants, Additives and Automotive Aftermarket Products to the racing, automotive, agricultural, industrial, metal working, and powersports markets. Applied High Performance is also a full-service Management and Marketing Firm. We serve professional racing associations, race teams and drivers. We are pleased to offer the website for your browsing and shopping convenience.    

Applied High Performance Products has distributed Energy Release Products for over 30 years. Energy Release Racing is a globally recognized brand in the racing and high performance arenas. Energy Release Antifriction Metal Conditioner is the only oil additive that can be used in every lubricated system (not brakes) of your vehicle and equipment. ER Antifriction Metal Conditioner Engine Treatment treats and conditions the metal of your vehicle, not the lubricant. When added to your vehicle's lubricating fluids, ER forms smooth broad surfaces that dramatically reduce friction and wear between metal moving parts. ER is ideal for gas and diesel engines, compressors, power tools, heavy equipment, etc. 


Energy Release was established in 1985. More World Champions Use Energy ReleaseThan Any Other Additive...Over Three Decades of Performance Proves It! If you are thinking about using an additive, use works!  Applied Hi-Performance Products owner Noel Schanilec has over 30 years of experience with Energy Release Racing Products and working with business owners in the racing, automotive, metal working, industrial, agricultural, and powersports markets. Applied High Performance specializes in working with business's that are experiencing Problems With Points of Friction, Heat Generation, and Wear.World Champion Bicycle Racers use Energy Release Bicycle Chain combines a high quality soluble grease with ER to form a portective barrier against moistrue and extreme temperature swings. Energy Release bicycle chain grease sprays on thin to penetrate the link pins and tacks up in seconds for superior adherence. Energy Release Gear & Chain Clear grease helps to reduce overall wear and prevents rust and corroison from forming on exposed surfaces. It is recommended for all types of bicycle gears and chain. Energy Release bicycle chain grease extends the life of bicycle chain and bicycle derailleur gears. Applied High Performance Products is a leading distributor of bicycle chain grease. 


The Energy Release Chemists have been busy...they enhanced the antifrcition properties of Energy Release by 40%...the advanced formula offers improved anti-wear & extreame pressure performance. The improved formula is compatible with all engine oil grades, including low viscosity 0w20 has superior thermal stability and resists thickening at low temperatures and prevents breakdown and shearing, which degrades lubricity. The Energy Release Engine Treatment Formula has advanced anit-corrosive and anti-oxidation properties to prevent the buildup of sludge. Energy Release Products Engine Treatment Advanced Formula is slightly more transparent in appearance and less viscous. Note: Energy Release Antifriction Metal Conditioner IS NOT an oil treatment. ER is carried by oil to points of friction, heat generation and wear. ER is activated by heat & friction and treats those areas directly.

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